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How do i explain Ted Bier
Although I have never met ted but feel like I could do a 3 hour seminar on him. i will not go on for 3 or 4 pages in a post (might get ban for that) so i will give you “BULLET” points of what I think…no particular order.
1 Ted is smart and understands simple math.(yes algebra and geometry are simple math)
2 He works hard at his discipline.(practice,practice,practice) Not just in good conditions. Prob keeps a record
3 Good at tuning. Part of that is knowing what to tune for. (the down fall for most of us) ..EX. if i do A how dose it effect B,C,D He has done that and knows the answer.
4 A strong understanding of the laws physics…EX The same pellet traveling on the same trajectory at the same speed will hit the same spot. Unless acted on by another force. Gumby’s law…
5 Just raw talent (god given talent)
6 Just a little luck(and i mean small amount)
7 Surrounded by knowledgeable people. EX so are you there are a lot of smart knowledgeable people here
8 Just flat out “Want To”.(You people who have it know what i mean)
9 Probably equipment is a small part ( I mean stuff you and I can’t get) but it is not like luck, he made it with relationship 
10 Ted seems to be a good guy, and a great shooter, and is one of the reason why a lot of us are in the sport.and it continues to grow.
 All of this information is stored somewhere in a human shaped head joe might be right…. “CYBORG”……lol