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The Bane off all hunters come on goodtogo at least once in our hunting we have experienced a little jitters and some buck fever it’s nothing to be ashamed of, after all if hunting doesn’t get your blood a flowing then why do we do it.
My father was an at home Gun Smith and I grew up in a hunting family. I have also been doing a lot of market research for my own business. I have been promoting the use of air rifles here in my part of Texas and through my discussions with firearm hunters these “many”, “most” and “some” is what I’ve gleaned speaking to somewhere in the ball park of a hundred farmers, hunters and land owners and game wardon. Do you have a different opinion?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a firearm Hunter is stupid or anything negative about them at all.
It’s all about Hunter education.
I have spoken with 10 game wardens about air rifles and feral Hogs 2 of which came out while I was night hunting to check me out half of them couldn’t believe I was doing so with an air rifle.
I live in East Texas where there are a lot of hay farms and I would say if not every Friday then close to it I will come up on a group of guys with four wheelers or sidebysides night lights, waders and a back seat full of A.Rs and what have you and as a growing business I make sure to introduce myself and offer to show them something unique and pull out my Texan and Bulldog.
And even on a few occasions followed them out to where they are going and let them put some rounds through. I talk they talk and we both learn