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“Willie14228”Extreme is one of them Thurman, Air Force offers the .308 in the same line up at the .45 and while if you look closer it does say that it is a great gun for coyote size animals it is still lined up with the same rifle that is being pushed as a big game hunter.
I know many states that allow air rifles has put a .35 or larger ( I agree with Kip on this next part) what should be actually be used is a minimum FPE this would help make sure that substandard air rifles even .45 and .50 that are shooting slow FPS and Low FPE cannot be used.

Northbound I can appreciate that you can shoot one inch groups at 65 yards, (I am going to assume that is what you meant instead of feet) The real question is, do you think it is a viable deer hunting platform. You said some key words that I want you to think about then put yourself in the shoes of a guy who is moving over to Air Rifles from a firearm.
“At the Right Angle exactly”
“Be Close Enough”
And of course one that you didn’t mention “BUCK FEAVER” the bane of all hunters at one point or time
This is most likely one of the hardest parts of the learning curve moving from Firearms to Air, Arch, and BP if the hunter already has some Archery or Classic Black Powder hunting experience it helps but there is still a fairly large learning curve as BP can offer you a bit more range and archery slightly more forgiveness in shot placement.

The Biggest issue I have is that to a firearm hunter the .308 is almost a laser beam and a .45 a flying brick, because of that they will recognize the .308 as the better choice for dear hunting. While its true there are some hunters that do their own reloads most do not and many don’t even know what FPE is. Many firearm hunters don’t even own camo gear or if they do its more for show than actual utility after all you don’t need it if you can take a deer out at 200 or more yards. You add to this the ability to go online and order whatever caliber air rifle with out talking to a soul and you have yourself an uneducated proud owner of a .308 air rifle to sit beside his .308 deer rifle and as Thurman indicated one that he may not even be able to use to hunt with legally at all.

Did you know there is no real guideline for how many Foot Pound of Energy per the Size or species of Animal, There are some very basic “use this caliber for this size animal” listings But in the Big Bore Class this can be Extremely misleading simply by the fact that you can find a fairly large verity of grain weight bullets for that caliber.

You seem to paint hunters with a broad brush? You use many, some, most,  a lot? And even throw in “all” at times ;)  Are you a firearms engineer or firearms instructor?

In my area of the country the tree stand is used a lot. And its not everywhere you can get  a 100 yard shot. And for this state you can take a deer with a 224 bullet.