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“socaldmax”I’m thinking of buying one of these tanks. How much are paintball places charging for a fill? Are there other places to get them filled?

The paint ball place I went to charged $9.00 . My fill experience at the paint ball park was disappointing. Found out the fill amount depends on how much air is in his tanks and their fill system is a fast fill so your tank gets hot. Their compressor kicks on @ 3000psi shuts of @ 4500psi. My first fill settled @ 3000psi after the tank cooled. Went back the next day for a free top off and the tank pressure settled @ 3500psi after the tank cooled. The paint ball park is only open on weekends and I work weekends, the paint ball park is 5 minutes from my work so I had to go on my lunch break. This was starting to be a real hassle to get the tank to 4500psi.
So yesterday I checked with a couple of fire departments and found one that could and would fill my tank to 4500psi in return for a small donation. So now I have a place that I can get my tank filled on my days off with no hassle. Also the fire station does a slow fill so the tank does not get hot.
If you go to a fire station take the tank with you and talk to the Captain of Chief on duty let them inspect the tank, explain what you are using it for and make it clear when you say donation that you mean some kind of goods the fire station can use, like coffee, not cash.