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Yards for sure, it was a bit early here:)
Now the misleading part I completely understand, before I was introduced to air rifles my reference was firearms and 308 more specifically. 
Having shot the air rifle and more so just by looking at numbers to begin with, it quickly becomes  obvious that this sport is much closer to artchery than fire arms. 
It is therefore imperative to understand the damage the bullet is going to do and even more so the anatomy of the animal. The more “inefficient ” the hunting tool is the more this skill set comes in to play. To make a long story short and to have a reference to your question I think all this should be explained to someone purchasing one of these air rifles. Starting point obviously being state laws, practical testing and knowing your animal anatomically. The problem here is getting to know your air rifle, this can be very cumbersome task that not everybody is willing to do. Varied distances, angles and even temperature makes this a challenging sport.
Having done a fair amount of testing it is my opinion that if I’d had to generalize: 2 inch accuracy 50 yards, 45 hollow point  +185gr for heart and lung shots, will up the chances for a quick dispatch. Smaller calibers requires another level of accuracy and shot placement that only some of us are willing to obtain with extensive testing.