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I’ve since gotten some chronograph numbers with the backstop I made from a staples econo storage box, junk mail, four pieces of pink 1″ foam insulation board, & a piece of the old particle board computer hutch. Stopped every pellet shot into it by all three rifles! How about that for finding new uses for junk mail? Caldwell deluxe chronograph with IR LED’s.
​    CPHP 14.3gr      RWS Superpoint Extra 14.5gr      H&N Baracuda Green 12.65gr
1) 766                     694                                               864
2) 753                     689                                               870
3) 745                     719                                               867
4) 739                     692                                               865
5) 736                     700                                               865
​6) 732                     703                                               869
​Average of six shots-
    745.16FPS          699.5FPS                                    866.67FPS
​This shows that the 800FPS listed by Hatsan for the Striker 1000x .22 had to come from about a 13 grain pellet. This target at about 22 yards shows what the CPHP did on sight in, but free hand artillery hold.

​Next time, we’ll look at what these other two do after sight in is completed.