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I did a lot of research looking at Chinese compressors. Most of them were designed to fill a 1L bottle and sell for about $210 plus another $150-165 for shipping. The better one looks just like the Airmax II, a 2 stage compressor. I found a vendor selling those for $345, plus $246 for shipping, total of $591. These are much heavier duty and rated to fill a 6.8L bottle in 20 to 30 min. I’m still debating getting one, but I’m new to the sport and don’t really know how much air I’ll really use. For now, I’ll just use a 6.8L Scott air tank and get it filled locally. If that turns into a big hassle, I might go ahead and spring for the compressor. Honestly, the next $600 chunk of cash I have to spare I’d rather use to get an ATN X Sight II night vision scope with HD video recording, or a thermal scope. Something about rodent/varmint hunting at night intrigues me…