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I have the wildcat 25 set up to shoot the 25 grain jsb’s and the impact in 25 set up to shoot the 34 grain jsb’s. I can’t say enough good about the wildcat. It’s my go gun. Amazingly accurate and constant. Don’t have to worry about bumping it and having the poi change. It rides around on the backseat of my truck. The magazine is one of the best features. Load with one hand. Just easy. But you have the 22 Wildcat so you know all this. The 25 bucks the wind much better then the 22. I shoot mine out to 100 yards. The impact is a different animal. I would still rate it as an exceptional gun. It’s a blast to shoot and play with all the tuning. I’ve learned a lot playing with it. BUT, all the tunability can be a double edged sword. You can get it so far out of tune that it will drive you nuts. Every impact should be issued with a notebook so you can log what you do. When you put the settings back it will come right back in tune and do it every time. Mine is tuned to shoot the jsb 34 grain and after I found the sweet spot I’ve had no reason to change it. But you cane if you would like. It has one weak spot in my opinion and that is the magazine. After you have loaded the wildcat magazine everything else is just inconvenient.  As for the other choices you mentioned, I have never owned any of them. They get good reviews though. Good luck