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Recently shot these two hunter class field target style (sitting on bucket resting the gun on cross sticks) using my .177 R9 breakbarrel…….

The killzone is 1 1/2″ diameter.

Here are a few groups shot with my .177 HW95 shot “bucket and sticks” on May 10, 2016………

Not the “quality of a lot of the fine shootin’ posted in this thread but I’m pleased with this.

5 CPLs at 50 yards on Nov 11, 2014 with my .177 R9 shot “bucket and sticks” where the second shot opened the group to 5/8″.
LOL….this isn’t normal for me!

15 out of 20 CPLs through a 3/4″ killzone at 50 yards with my .177 R9 shot “bucket and sticks”…….