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“CHUCK”Regardless of how Fred the Magician pulls off this trick, what really matters to me is the size of the groups I can get at long distance consistently. So all of the conjecture is interesting to contemplate, but the most interesting thing will be to see pellet after pellet disappear down the same hole at 100 yards…now that’s the magic trick I want to witness!  :) 
Best regards, Chuck

My only word-of-mouth report so far was of a 10 shot half inch group at 100 metres with a test rifle.

Did you all notice in the video that not only has it got externally adjustable hammer spring and transfer port for tuning but also external adjustment for the regulator between the two pressure gauges. The rear pressure gauge shows the regulator pressure for monitoring adjustment. Now that is something.

Also Fredrik indicated that twist rates of faster ths 1:16″ will be made. Read possible stabilizing of longer and heavier pellets and possibly bullets too.

The stock seems to have vertical comb adjustment and the butt plate also. Along with the mag not being higher than previous models, these adjustments should make for comfortable shooting. …  
I have watched a lot of “developments” come and go over the last 20 years in PCPS,  and by-passed most. This one I will give the best opportunity to move things forward.  My Excalibre is 17 yr old FX technology. Its 100 yard accuracy has been equalled by the BSAs I have, but nothing else has been shown to be better. 
I will take a punt on the Crown if I can get one into Australia, minus the sound moderation, and work it over for the rest of my shooting days.  …  Yrrah.


I just hope that Fred himself ships over the first Crown to you with lots of test barrels. Cant wait to read your detailed reports.

Some people are being trolls and complaining without ever touching the rifle. They just fail to realize what potential this technology holds. Even if Fx Crown did not offer all the easy adjustments the new Smooth twist X Barrel alone makes it a game-changer.

I am always thankful for people like Harry for being part of our community and pray for their health and happiness.