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Today I had the opportunity to talk with Kip at Air Guns Of Arizona. As a matter of fact we spoke at length (over an hour) on the phone about my concerns on the BushBuck but more importantly about the fact that it is very important for us to through self governance insure that Air Rifles stays on the right side of the public image.

***** Instead of deleting or editing my post because I do feel that many of the things that were said are correct about perceived public image, I will however offer a public apology to AOA for making some of my own wrong assumptions and allegations.
Kip actually had played a part in the design of the BushBuck and they did consider a trigger safety but decided against it in an effort to actually make the rifle safer, Forcing the shooter not to rely on a safety catch and instead de-cock the rifle. Kip was or is a Certified Firearm instructor and has personally witnessed trigger safeties fail drastically and personally and that played a part in the decision, This was a thought out decision, and one that though I feel every viable safety feature should be utilized can respect.
I discovered that Kip feels as strongly as I do in self governance and is very passionate about Big Bore Airguns (as much as I) and is a very deep well of knowledge on the subject (Way more than I)  he is in that short hours discussion someone I have learned I can respect.

For the United States Air Rifles being used for regular game hunting is still in if not infancy then at a very young stage. Unfortunately in many cases manufactures have bowed to the mighty dollar and uneducated demands to produce “Big Bore” hunting rifle in calibers and speeds or in some cases quality.  That do not perform the function they are being advertised for. One of the issues that we discussed was the fact that most people are caught up on faster the better instead of the foot pounds of energy.

I will be the first to admit when placed beside people like Kip (Sorry I do not know his last name) Tom Gaylord, and Dennis Quackenbush, my knowledge of Big Boar Air Rifles and hunting with them is miniscule compared to them.
But I do think we can all agree that insuring through proper education and self governance all of the air gun nation can help it grow properly. Many of the things that we spoke about would really fall of topic from this thread and so I will leave it at this.

I feel the Western Big Bores BushBuck IS NOT an Air Rifle for the untrained or uneducated Air Rifle Hunter, That being said the fact is ANY Big Bore Air Rifle would fall in that statement. The very same care and learning curve and learned skill,  that a person would find themselves in moving from a firearm to Black Powder or Archery (including crossbows) applies to Big Bore Rifles, This includes moving from small bore air rifles to big bore.
I have said earlier that it is a beautiful gun and its accuracy and power is impressive to say the least.

Again AOA, Kip and Western Big Bore my sincere apologies for making my own wrong assumptions and allegations.
Thank You