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Hi! I’m new to airgunning and this forum, this is my first post. Based on a few youtube videos, I bought the blued synthetic puncher breaker in .25 cal. Actually, I grew up shooting a .177 RWS Diana and CO2 powered Taiyo Juki, so I guess I’m new to PCP air rifles. At any rate, here are my thoughts on the puncher breaker, keeping in mind that I don’t have any other PCP rifles as a benchmark to compare to.

First off, it was a little bit heavier than I expected for something so compact, but it gives it a very solid feel, nothing loose or rattling on it. I installed a UTG 3-12×44 SWAT scope (not the compact) and since that’s a fairly heavy scope, it added more to the heft. Since I wasn’t prepared, I had no air tanks to refill it with, so I sighted in the scope with the remaining air that it arrived with. I was surprised to get a good 40  shots out of the remaining air, it looked like it had about 175 bar when it arrived. It does come with a xerox copy of a test target shot at the factory, basically one ragged hole about .25″ at 10m.

I have targets set up about 13 yards away in my back yard and got slightly larger groups, but I’m going to use a wobbly table and no bench rest as my excuse. LOL  That was with 28.4 gr H&N Baracuda Hunter Extremes. I also bought a tin of 31.02 gr H&N domed and 25.39 gr JSBs, I’m hoping it likes the JSBs a bit better. I’ll have to wait a few more days for my scuba tanks to get back from hydro before I can refill it and shoot it some more.

I expected it to be pretty loud, but it was surprisingly quiet, quieter than any of my recently sold break barrel .177s. I do have a Radio Shack sound meter I can break out if anyone would like sound measurements, just let me know how far away to set it up. My Caldwell Precision Ballistic chrony also arrived after I ran out of air, so I’ll set that up and measure fps and ft-lbs after I recharge it.o

I do have 2 minor complaints. 1 is the coating on the blued surfaces. It looked like grease, but was staining my hands like ink. I wiped it all off with a cloth, but it definitely stained the cloth almost black, never seen anything (preservative?) like it before. The other gripe is about the mounting screw for the bottom rail. The brass insert in the stock is solidly mounted, but the threaded hole doesn’t go all the way through. The provided 6mm x10mm allen head bolt bottomed out and didn’t tighten the rail. I ground it down, but it still came loose pretty quickly, so I drilled a couple of pilot holes and added 2 more screws at the ends of the rail and now it’s on there solid. I’m using a grip bipod on it and it feels natural pulling it into my shoulder with it.

Overall, I’m happy with it so far. It’s probably more accurate than I am (for now) and I’m hoping it will be good for nailing rats and ground squirrels out to maybe 30-40 yds. I can always get something better (more expensive) later on as I sell off a couple of firearms to make room in the safe. I did preorder the Gamo Urban.