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Changes already made:  Since my season is over, I have already started making changes.  First I took the high power scope off of my hinting rig and mounted a 3-9, without an adjustable objective, and sighted in at 25 yrds.  It kinda sounds odd to not have AF but it is clear for the distances I am currently shooting, without any parallax shift.  I have also changed my pellet and power.  I found a “hunting pellet” that provides excellent energy dump with lower penetration and still groups great out to 50 yrds.  The rifle has been tuned to shot these at ~850fps.  This combination should allow for better knock down in the event I don’t make the perfect shot.  I am currently concentrating on the closer shots… 15-40 yrds.  I figure if the bushy tail is farther than that, he gets a pass!  As soon as I get a chance, I will be shooting pine cones out of trees.  This will allow me to practice how much lower I need to hold in order to make a clean kill at a given angle.

Any of the old pros that have suggestions; I would love to hear them.  I plan on making next season as successful as possible!

PS:  I am not a journalist or a writer. Sometimes my mind understands but my fingers don’t.

You learn quickly.  Lots of folks would have had to go a few seasons to sort all that out.

Carry a toe bag.  You’ll be glad of it.

Thanks.  But I do have one question.  What is a toe bag?