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“bowwild”Thanks for this video.  I watched it, read the manual, studied the machine, and called AoA.  

I had to take the hose off my Tank and put on a male adapter. Then the compressor hose attached to that.  Had to do it twice because the metal washer with o-ring inner had to be put on first to prevent leaking.

Got the needles set, closed bleeder knob on compressor.  Then turned on water pump, confirmed coolant flow and pushed start to begin compressor.  After a few seconds I opened the knob on my tank.  Have to admit, it was spooky to see that needle on the tank gauge move towards its full level. It was at 3,250 PSI.  I didn’t keep a good time on it but it took about 15 minutes, no more than 20 to get the tank to 4,500.  The automatic shut-off worked perfect..

Then I turned off water pump, opened bleed knob on the compressor, closed the knob on the tank, and detached the hose from the tank.   All worked perfect!  Saved me an 80 mile round trip to the dive shop, with an appointment to fill my tank. 

The fellow, “Todd” at AoA was extremely helpful and patient. Even told me what MM wrenches (14 and 9) to use to hold the din while I removed the tank hose. 

So, I’m proud to report that my basement activity didn’t put me on a “no-fly” list.


Glad you’re in business.  I have an Omega Air Charger and love it.  Did your instructions tell you to crack open the bleed valve every 15 minutes, or so, to release any moisture that was building in the system?   My instructions told me to do that.  Of course, you may have an automatic moisture release on your unit – I don’t know.Just thought I’d ask.Bobby