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Yes it is a hammer debounce device. Crosman added a depinger to the gen 2 marauders not a debounce device. The first gen marauders had a loud ping when fired. The gen 2 is better but there’s also upgrades for lowering ping better than factory. I really wish crosman would address the hammer bounce problem so you would get more shots per fill from the factory. Several other airgun manufacturers have no bounce hammer systems in place from the factory. Those rifles achieve much better efficiency. That’s what I’m after. Hate wasting air. 

If crosman addresses the hammer bounce, several aftermarket tuners will lose sales for the products they’ve spent time on developing and testing. I doubt crosman cares enough and  probably think the regulator on new marauders will fix it. I’m discouraged though with my experience with my FFH. I know they know what they’re doing but I don’t. Maybe one will jump in and guide me in the right direction.