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LMT, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

My saga began in around 2012 with a Ruger Blackhawk .22, had my fun with it, sold it,
Then I bought some kind of springer “magnum” air rifle – jarred my teeth overtime I shot it – can’t even remember the make – sold it.
Then I bought a .25 Marauder PCP, went through air like you wouldn’t believe (I only had a hand air pump).  sold it.

But, the die was cast – i was hooked on PCP air rifles.
Bought me a Marauder .177 PCP, had fun with it, sold it.
Bought me a Marauder .22 PCP, great shooter, Gen 1, too. I still have it.
Bought me a Marauder .22 air pistol, novelty item for me, sold it.

I had a hand pump for a little while  – don’t know what I was thinking, that thing took forever to air up my Mrod .22
So, I got in touch with Joe Brancato of and he set me up with a Shoebox 4500 psi compressor and a 66 cu.ft. carbon fiber tank, so I sold the hand pump.

Now, at that point I only had one PCP rifle, the .22 Mrod, and the 4500 psi compressor, with air tank and I was HAPPY.

Skip forward to present:
The Shoebox died, so about a week ago my brand new Omega Air Charger 4500 psi compressor arrived.  Wow, that thing is nice, fast and quiet, too.
During the month of Feb, 2017, I bought two more PCP rifles from AoA – an FX Wildcat .25 and an FX Royale 400.  That Royale is shooting the same sized pellet as the Mrod, but about 200 fps faster.  And the .25 Wildcat is an accurate, powerhouse air rifle.  I have a spinner type target that I shot with my .22 Savage (.22 long rifle) – that .25  Wildcat spins it with authority, like the Savage does.

So, currently, I’m set.  And with the Air Charger, I can air up my own HPA tank myself.

Right now, my stable contains
1- the Omega Air Charger 4500 psi compressor.
2- a 66 cu.ft carbon fiber tank.
3- a 2013 .22 Mrod.
4- a 2017 FX .25 Wildcat PCP air rifle.
5- a 2017 FX .22 Royale 400 PCP air rifle.

I’m done buying air rifle stuff for awhile

All the Best