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I decided to give it another go today in the back yard with the intent of checking my wheel markings made the day prior. I also changed up targets to the lower one listed in the post above. For me, I found this to be easier to use.

At first I tried turning the parallax wheel to infinity, and then backing into focus. I did this repeatedly, and discovered that I didn’t always end up at the same spot on the wheel. I also found that if I started the parallax at the near range and dialed towards infinity until focused, the spot on the wheel would change. It got to be a bit frustrating. Some times it would be spot-on, and others, not so much. I’m chalking this up to either eye-fatigue or scope error (unless someone knows otherwise).

I still have strange spacing between the parallax dots (each is 1 meter). In my mind, they as the distance increases, the spacing between the dots should become progressively closer together. Instead, it seems like I have little groupings with larger gaps between some of the groups?