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“strikefast”OK not familiar with the Hatsan gun. Just looked it up. Removable air cylinder. Got it

Are you filling and leaving it attached to the DIN fill or removing it to dunk in water? I assume after being filled and removed from the first tank. If it is detached and air is escaping it may be the air tube valve not sealing. The regulator would not allow air to escape as it is internal and should not affect the fill valve. That is if you do not have a hole drilled for pressure release like the Lane reg.
I am basing this on my Styer that has a removable air tube. I have had it lock up and not allow the gun to be filled by the probe. I had to open and let a little air escapes to reset the valve in the air tube.


I fill it and remove it from the tank, I tested the gauge side and it’s sealed, the leak seems to be coming from the Valve side. Here is the installation instructions.