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“dippa”How do I rest the rifle.

On a table and well rested in my shoulder, pretty stable with a light to firm grip in the handle.

I insert the pellets with the same amount of pressure each time and follow through with the shot.



I have no first hand experience with any Stoeger so I looked up your gun and found that it’s a gas ram piston gun so I do have a few comments since I only shoot piston guns, however spring piston instead of gas spring.

“On a table and well rested in my shoulder”
My Hw springers, a .177 Beeman R9 and a .177 HW95 really don’t “like” to be supported solidly, even when “rested in my shoulder”. Whenever I “benched” my springers I always made sure that I placed a hand between the stock forearm and the front shot bag. I also made sure that the butt of the stock didn’t touch the bench when shot. Even though the gun can be supported very steady on bags I found that groups will spread if I do that with my lower powered HW springers.

“light to firm grip in the handle”
With piston guns there are actually “hold issues” where the recoiling piston gun needs to be supported exactly the same way for each shot and even the points where the gun is supported needs to be consistent. “Light to firm grip” would certainly be counter productive with my HW springers.

“I insert the pellets with the same amount of pressure each time and follow through with the shot.” 
This is good, however I believe that the pellet should always be seated to the same depth in the leade for each shot. Concerning pellets, they need to fit the leade snugly with the same consistency. I know from experience that if I shoot a loose fitting pellet relative to the normal fit it will be a flier. One of the reasons I stopped using .177 JSB Exacts and .177 H&N FTTs in my R9 which has a rather loose leade was the fact that the head sizes were so inconsistent between the tins that many were “real loose fitters”. My .177 HW95 however has a tighter leade to the bore so the JSB/H&N fit is actually pretty good and the HW95 shoots those inconsistent pellets very well.

Here are a few pics of targets shot with my .177 R9 and HW95. The only shooting position I use (except for the occasional offhand shot) is sitting on a bucket and resting the gun on cross sticks like this………..
I can use this position for field target competition in the US and also for “still hunting” squirrels. Some groups………
 5 shots at 50 yards………

15 out of 20 CPLs through a 3/4″ reducer at 50 yards………..

More normal 50 yard groups for me……….

Next 5 shots on paper……….

Some paper targets……….

165 consecutive shots from 10 yards to 50 yards when checking out the trajectory of a specific R9 home tune……….

A couple HW95 groups from 10 yards to 50 yards…….

50 & 53 yards………

Some paper targets………