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Degassing – if it’s like my Marauder, they sell a “Degassing Tool” that screws into the back, and allows depressurizing of the chamber.  Otherwise, just shoot it until it’s empty.  No damage like springers, it’s just a valve letting air out.

​The Discovery in .22 shows 900 FPS with lead pellets.  Approximately 25 FPE.

​The Maximus shows 850 FPS with 23 foot pounds at the muzzle.  It’s 2 FPE difference.  Not sure that’s a deal-breaker for me. 

The hardwood stock on the Disco increases cost, and weight.  If hunting, I like the synthetic better as I’m not afraid to scratch it up, but to each his own.

​To show how closely related the guns are, they share the same owners manual

I suspect the difference is specs is just due to variations in testing, or possibly test pellet weight. 

And, yes, the owners manual shows the de-gassing tools in use for both guns.

​If I had to guess, I’d say the Maximus is just a cheaper version of the Discovery, mostly in synthetic stock instead of wood, and not a whole lot else.

​I still stand by:
​Used Marauder – Gen 2 only, and only if I get a chance to send a hundred or so pellets downrange
​Discovery with pump – no, I’d get the Maximus with pump instead.  Fundementally the same gun, lower price.
​850 – for a first gun, no, don’t care who put it together, need a community to fall back on, and Marauder and Maximus both have communities.

​Disco and Maximus have reputations for low maintenance, which is something important for a newbie, so considering how complete the Maximus kit is, and value for price, that’s still where I’d go. 

​If I hadn’t just purchased a 1701P, I’d probably be buying the Maximus Eruo version.  At $165 I could set it up as an entry level field target gun.

As always, just my opinion.  Had the Maximus been available before I bought the Marauder, I’d probably be a proud Maximus owner instead of a Marauder owner.