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Update after using the 4-12×50 Hawke Airmax for one field target match shooting hunter class. Well…mediocre at best because the thin reticle really did get lost on the killzones of some dark targets. The AO only rotates about 120 degrees from 10 yards to infinity and even less from 10 yards to my max field target distance of 55 yards. This does bunch together the hold over marks on my range tape making it difficult to determine if I should hold “one mil dot high” or “one and a half mill dots high. I do know that my 70 year old eyes change focus every few seconds when simply looking through the scope so perhaps this is part of the issue. A the match where I used this scope I would focus on a longer target, use my holdover mark from the AO and miss the target. For the next shot I would re-focus the scope, get another holdover mark after the sharp focus and then knock down the target with the second shot. This happened several times so it was either my eye playin’ a trick on me or the “precision” of determining when the target is in sharpest focus. basically, the holdover marks past 30 yards are so close together that a holdover error of 1/2 mil dot from 30 yards to 50 yards is very easy. Here is a pic of the holdover marks showing that the sharp focus distance between my 30 yard zero, a + symbol, and the “hold one mil dot high” symbol ( . symbol ) is only 1/8″ apart on the AO. The distance on the AO between the “hold one mil dot high” and the “hold one and one half mil dot high” ( .|. symbol) are only 1/8″ apart. This means that the “holdover marks” between the 30 yard focus distance and 50 yard focus distance are only 1/4″ apart total! LOL….if I were marking yardages instead of symbols there wouldn’t even be room on the AO! Another “slight issue” is the fact that the Hawke AO is extremely tight turning which makes it difficult to quickly focus from “sharp to crisp” while trying so scope rangefind!…….

Optically the scope is a BIT better than my $70 4-16×40 Center Point scope with TAG reticle, however the Center Point AO rotates about 120 degrees from “10 yard sharp focus” to “50 yard sharp focus” so my holdover marks from 30 yards to 50 yards are spaced about 7/8″ apart even though the AO is only 40mm……

The Hawke PERFORMANCE certainly isn’t worth $120 more than the WallyMart Center Point. The CP reticle is a bit thicker than the Hawke being a wire reticle and the CP reticle can be lit if necessary which I did find to be a benefit for shooting dark targets on dark lanes!

I’ll be using the Hawke at the next THAGC field target match on Apr 25th but I’ll probably use another scope for the remainder of the season.