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“ebigham1”What are you hunting? if you need more power and an affordable gun that you wouldn’t mind if it were to get abused a little I would second the airforce choice. If you don’t I would say get an FX. Just a better gun. I just cant handle spending a lot of money and getting it scratched up in the woods. I would cry. With that said I think they are great guns as would many people here. 


that’s a big reason why I got rid of the daystate, it was really heavy and I didn’t want to scratch it the FX Royal synthetic 500 is really light. And if you install the carbon fiber bottle that takes another pound off it. I already have an Air Force talon and 25 and for some reason I just don’t like the gun. BTW  the gun will be for opossum,  woodchuck  and squirrel. 

FX light? I am getting old. I have an Airforce Escape ss and it is no more than 7 lbs with scope, light bi pod and strap. Lol my arms would scream with 9 or 10. For opossum, woodchuck almost any gun would have enough power. If you don’t mind the money get the FX. I would.