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I do not walk around with a cocked gun!!! What I do and what some idiot may do is two different things
My point was that if an air gun is involved in an accident that it will be put under a magnifying glass and that will be the first excuse some idiot will use in a court room.
Both my Texan and my Bulldog are decocked when I am moving around.
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people including themselves.
A revolver is not classified as a hunting device although some states allows pistols to be used in hunting. Furthermore it’s the very fact that we are trying to stay out off the firearm classification that I am talking about.
Look I want to clarify something I said some things the wrong way, but i do feel strongly about this issue.
I am not attacking AOA or even Western Big Bores, The BushBuck was, I believe designed for primarily what my last statement indicated Big Game Safari, and therefore a select class of hunters most with years of experience.
You have to consider the fact that it’s only in the last few years that Big Bore Air Rifles are becoming recognized as a viable alternative to regular game hunts in the United States. Any manufacturer and Retailer owes it to themselves to insure that when an accident does happen (and it will) all the bases have been covered this includes all viable safety devices. This is a $2000.00 gun!!! Are you going to try and tell me the profit margin doesn’t allow for a trigger safety?
Should a trigger safety be the only line of defense against accidental discharge NO, Never should a hunting rifle be carried around cocked NO, Never do some hunters do so Yes! Are those same hunters the reasons why we others get a bad rap on television YES!
But let’s just say the person behind a gun like the bushbuck does everything right except for two small details they are left handed and have adjusted the trigger to lightly
They are shooting off x sticks
They are lined up for the shot
They Cock the weapon, which hand is used and how much control of that said rifle is lost during the cocking and recontrol.
What happens if after cocking and before full control the rifle that has had the trigger adjusted down to a hair trigger slips and falls to the ground?
My statement of “shunned” was harsh I agree but I will still stand behind my words.