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Hello Willie, 
You do have a valid concern for peoples safety… however when it comes to any firearm, airgun, bow, or even high powered slingshot… the real “safety” is located in exactly the same location on each one… between our ears! Many firearm related “accidents” have occurred because someone “thought they had the safety on”! Our reliance on a mechanical safety should never take the place of any of the basic safety rules. Such as RULE #1: “ALWAYS KEEP YOUR WEAPON POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION!

Whether hunting with a .45 Bushbuck or a Daisy BB gun you can’t hurt yourself or anyone else if you follow this simple rule. And if I catch you not following this simple rule while out hunting or shooting with me, I will give you one warning. And if after the first warning I catch you pointing your weapon in an unsafe direction, then you and I are done hunting or shooting together. Period! I believe in a mechanical safety, but you cannot rely on things that can be ignored, forgotten, or that can fail. The safety rules will prevent “accidents” more often than reliance upon things like a safety. It is almost impossible to design a weapon so that it cannot be misused by by someone that does not obey the safety rules, or that arrogantly thinks they are above the rules and do not apply them. To be safe… always obey the safety rules!

It is this simple: If at all times you keep your Bushbuck pointed in a safe direction no harm can possibly occur… and if you don’t keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times then you are being irresponsible and have no business owning it or hunting with it anyway. 

Best regards, Chuck