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Relining is typically used to extend the use of fire arms, without the cost of a new barrel. Basically, the old barrel is drilled out, and a new thin wall barrel with rifling is slid into the old barrel, and then either soldered or glued into place. What FX have come up with is to fabricate barrel ‘exteriors’ without any rifling, into which you can insert liners with different rifling, and I guess different calibers.

I guess the cost will be less than a set of conventional barrels, and will allow you to match twist rates to a specific pellet weight and geometry. In principle its a great idea. The big question is how will the liner be held in place, so that it does not move and change aim point every time the liner swapped out. Obviously it won’t be glued in since this will defeat the purpose of easily swapping liners

Here’s a link to a great video showing how a fire arm is fit with a liner.