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The Atac was my first Springer. POI was all over the place. I called Stoeger USA and complained and they sent a free shipping slip. They told me that the original Atac had clipping issues (which I had) so they sent me their newer ATAC S2 Suppressor (upgrade on internal baffle system that addresses pellet clipping). Also, the small pic-rails on the sides of the stock that accommodates Stoeger’s bipod come off; the fore-end of the stock screws directly into the barrel and the screws consistently come loose if not secured with lock tight (you’ll never know that’s the problem because the pic-rails conceal the screws). The barrel moves around when fired when those screws are loose.
I got the best accuracy with heavy pellets…Metalmags were exceptional.
And that gun is brutal on scopes…especially the garbage they ship with it.