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Did you smooth over all the rough edges the o-ring has to slide by during install?the gentleman above -scuffing the o-ring surface up w/600 grit worked for me.I had polished the hammer and slide area in my p-rod to a mirror finish and had polished the area where the valve o-ring sits also,my bad,(( Underwater air was escaping T/P hole)).If you have done this also, .Take a piece of dowel or pvc cut a slit in it slide 600 paper in the slit and try to very gently cross hatchxxxxxxx scuff,only the areas the o-rings sit,just enought to knock the shine off  ,the other area on a (p-rod) was the valve face, not being ideal for a seal to the reg.plenum- all else fails.Try putting back together w/o reg and c if it still leaks- you can fix it. be patient and back track if need b. TrenierOutdoors was very helpful – by the way -How are you filling it?