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“ClearedHot”No experience personally with this yet, but I had one with all the needed accessories on on backorder. Yes, they have a special mike setup for airguns and bows that you’ll need. Some other financial demands arose back then, so I canceled the order. But I still very much want one and can well afford it now.  So what’s the problem? 

Like you, I have a Caldwell but the newer G2 system. It’s much more robust, easier set up and fully wireless now. It’s a pure joy to use. And with that is the Caldwell App which couldn’t be easier to use! Seamless really on my phone, iPad or computer. Before I invest that kind of money in a LabRadar, I want a similar cross-platform software package incorporated utilizing the LabRadar’s bluetooth capability,which to my knowledge, no one has touched yet. Yes, you can down load the raw data in a crude file to a spreadsheet  cabled over but over time I would end up using my G2 just for simplicity and convenience.

Wish I could be more helpful but I would encourage you to call the US LabRadar distributer/ representative. I think they are in KS. They are very helpful and will take the time to really go over details with you.  

I agree……At this price point it should come with software and Bluetooth capability. Sounds like this is something most companies would release as their second generation. May be a while, if the current model has been on back order so long.
Hard to beat the price point of the Caldwell.