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I guess I need to watch Matt’s review again, as I did not come away with the same conclusion.

Usually, sponsored reviewers give pros and cons, where the pros are gushed over, and the cons are sugar-coated. Matt uses less sugar coating than most of them, but he’s still gentle. Result is that you have to LISTEN for the cons and realize they may be sugar coated a bit. Don’t let the reviewer make you forget about them until you’ve through them through yourself.

If he says: “I don’t like xxx detail” with no qualification, you can consider that a personal preference. If he gives a reason, you have to put that in line with your own preferences and decide whether it’s a deal-killer.

What I remember from that review, a couple days later is:
+ Nice build quality, as usual
– Rotary cocking was high effort. We could see how hard he was having to push to cock it…
– Very loud, considering it’s shrouded
– Not in the same accuracy league as the S5xx, S4xx series
+ Nice finishing
– Trigger’s a bit heavy

My bottom line was that I can have a rifle that shoots as well, at the same power level, for 1/2 or less money, and it is only the great fit and finish that are missing.

Agree, you do analysis sponsored reviews and I think Matt does a pretty good job, however I did purchase a Hawke Frontier Scope based off his review and did not agree with his assessment of the Scope. I like to compare reviews and especially pay attention to the negative aspects from one review and see how another reviewer covers it.  Rack And Load gave a glowing review, but his groups were disappointing, not near as tight as Matt’s. Hard Air Magizine, not sure what to make of it, disappointed in there use of light weight pellet testing and short range groups. I am looking forward to AEAC’s review, but keep coming back to the Compatto for my next PCP.