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Man, I hate to do this. Steve,  Michael,  I know this is not what AGN and AEAC had in mind when you joined forces but please understand this is not an attempt to in anyway undermine the relationship
No Safety, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hair Trigger adjustability !!!!!!!!!!!
This is not a hunting rifle it is a fatal hunting accident waiting to happen
This gun should NOT in my opinion even be allowed to be sold!  And in the United States for those few states that allows Air Rifles to be used may even be illegal to be used as a hunting device. Reference The Texas Crossbow Regulations Note that the device must have a mechanical safety. True this is a crossbow however many of the states that are allowing air guns to become a hunting tool has had the crossbow and black powder guns used as an example platform as to why it should be allowed. therefore will most likely use it as an example when writing in the minimum requirements, I don’t know this for sure but I believe there is an actual law on the classification of a hunting rifle that says they must have a mechanical safety and have it in my head that I have read somewhere in the hunting regulations that for it to be a legal hunting method it must have one
 This is a hunting platform and as such I will 100% guarantee it will be carried into the field loaded and ready to fire. With so many states still riding the fence on allowing Air Guns to be used to hunt with. Any air rifle that is being promoted as a hunting platform that does not have hunters safety as the first and foremost concern in design and engineering should be completely shunned by ALL air gunners.
I don’t know how many times I have heard AGN members stress concern over the government scrutiny on air rifles as a whole, Michael you yourself posted a remark with concerns about it yourself.  What kind of scrutiny do you think it will get if an Air Gun that is being marketed as a hunting platform is brought to the lime light due to an fatal accidental hunting shooting due to the fact that it does not have a safety catch. And as both a Black Powder and Air Gun hunter that has used soft lead bullets to take game. I will 100% attest to the lethality and devastation a 350 grain hollow point will do in a mammal. My first dear had an exit wound the size a fist could fit through.
Steve As a Police Officer for more than a few years I am sure you have answered accidental shooting calls, Can you Sir actually condone such a careless design engineering flaw. Add that to the fact that the trigger can be adjusted to a “hair trigger” and it is a death trap waiting to happen.
As I have stated All I own in the Air Rifle category are Big Bore Air Rifles and I hunt with one just about every weekend I am passionate about seeing our great state of Texas start allowing Air Rifles to be used to take game animals.
Not only is the Bushbuck as it stands right now one of the worst examples of any air rifle hunting platform, it could be used as an example as to why big bore air rifles or any air rifle start being governed and regulated by ATF and like authorities.
The only way we as an air gun community is going to curtail government oversight is through self regulation and as such we as an Air Gun Nation have a responsibility to do so.

Steve,  Michael  as someone who is connected to AOA and perhaps some feedback pull I beg you to contact them and try to get this changed before someone is killed.  And don’t let it be only Steve and Michael that contacts them about this We are after all on a forum called Air Gun Nation and as such we should act as one, Please other members do the same!
As a Big Game Africa Safari gun or maybe a high fence hunt where you can walk up on the animal talking and carrying on about how big this or that bull is and have time to load and cock the weapon with out spooking the game. Maybe, but in the normal world the first time a hunter cocks that weapon only to watch a trophy buck dart off will be last time.
Thank You