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Apologies GQ, I don’t have a phone number, I communicate via the company’s official contact mail: [email protected]. What is the nature of your enquiries? Technical support? If yes, what sort of problems do you encounter?

Hello to you also BRS, which country are you from? Which places you have visited on our beatiful, scumbag polititians infested sountry. I travel a lot… I live in Athens and I have airguns in my possession for over 25 years(I am 41). Started of with a Diana 25(still have one), went through many CO2 pistols and rifles, and at some point(maybe 10 years ago) I started buying quality springers. In the last five years I have mostly high end PCPs, and quality springers that I used to tune myself, get bored and sell them. I do a bit of FT(when I have time as I am a dad of two and travel a lot), and a bit of pest control with my 12guage. The latter is illegal to carry out with an airgun, stupidly owing an airgun in Greece is legal for any adult without any license, but you cannot hunt, you can only target shoot. I got fascinated with the impact, had a compact cricket that I was happy with, for the adjustability, smoothtwist fame, and the AR15 look and feel(used to carry an M4 when I was in the army, where in Greece is an obligatory service).

Impact though was(and is) a challenge for me, I am spoilt brat as far as triggers go(had an airwolf and weihrauch record triggers) and I have it tuned on an acceptable level, had to locktite the “seat” that the power wheel alters hammer spring load, and now I am struggling with accuracy.

My impact is .22 and my target is to have an inch group at 70yards on a full magazine, which I don’t. I haven’t tested though with the tuned trigger and I need to go to the range. My setup is factory set preload(the gap between the hammer spring load sear and the end of the slot to be 18.5mm) and the regulator at 110bar. This shoots the 18grain jsbs at 880fps and it seems that best grouping pellet. I still need to put some effort but it seems worhwhile, while someone(including me at times) might expect a perfect gun for the price tag.

Nice meeting you!