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“marcella69”Thanks for that, Bobby; that makes the whole process much simpler for me. I suppose it really doesn’t matter which way it’s done; the existing pressure will be still be preserved either way, right?

I have a 75 cu-in Omega carbon fiber tank with a female Foster fitting at the end of the hose. The Omega Air Charger also has a female Foster fitting at the end of its hose. I was planning to simply use a double-male Foster connector to connect the tank to the compressor. Is this right? Thanks 🙂


Yep, a double male foster fitting will work.  In fact, I’m going to have to use one to hook-in my water filter – that’s what I’m waiting on.  I bought my double-male from Amazon – it should be here any day now.

The pressure will be there, anyway you do it.  I was kinda “scared” with mine, after all, 4500 psi is no laughing matter, but I’m comfortable with it now.  Just be REAL sure that when you turn on your compressor, the valve to your tank is OPEN.  The Air Charger has a rupture disc set to rupture at 4800 psi.  If your tank’a valve is closed, you’re gonna build up to 4800 psi before you know it and rupture the disc.