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Well, I have three PCP air rifles and a HPA 66 cu.ft. carbon fiber tank.  I bought the tank and all the hoses, fittings, etc, needed from Joe Brancato of  He is a wealth of knowledge and really helped me – I didn’t have a clue.

The Shoebox compressor I bought from Joe, when I bought the tank, finally bit the bullet, so I needed to find another compressor – I went online and discovered a 4500 psi compressor called an Omega Air Charger.  It arrived just the other day and I’ve already used it to take my tank back up to 4500 psi – piece of cake and an LOT faster than my Shoebox ever was.

My three PCP’s are:
Two .22’s – A Gen 1 Marauder and a FX Royale 400  – and an FX Wildcat .25.  I don’t shoot a WHOLE LOT (kinda in spurts), my 66 cu.ft. tank is still supplying me with air.  I don’t know when I’ll need to hook it back up to the Air Charger – I’m waiting for it to get down to around 3000 psi.