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So, maybe I should try filling the gun and shooting something like 10 shots without a dry-fire. Then compare that to 10 shots with a dry-fire. I may very well be just wasting air and adding wear to the gun by dry-firing?

Today I went to the back yard and marked off 1 meter distances out to 45 meters. I taped a focusing target (or at least I think that’s what it’s for?) to a dolly, and rolled it to each meter. I then focused the parallax wheel to the target at each distance, and marked the parallax wheel.

Maybe I should be using this for focusing?

What I noticed is that not all of the marks on the wheel are evenly spaced? I don’t know if this is due to the scope (Athlon Argos BTR FFP 6-24×50), the temperature dropping outside, or my eyes. Maybe I was using the focus target incorrectly? At each meter, I turned the parallax wheel to infinity, and then backed into focus.

The marks on the wheel aren’t in permanent ink, and I accidentally smudged them a bit, but you can see that they aren’t evenly spaced. The scope is supposed to focus down to 10 yards, but it’s actually more like 13.