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just.neilSo, my hands are pretty shaky sometimes and more calm other times. Shooting free hand is horrible and at times even with the bipod I’m real shaky. Are there any techniques or exercises for shaky hands? Or is this just another silly question? And I know I’m not the only one out there with this problem

A lot of the answer would depend on the reasons for the shaky hands.
Do you have or had some type of injury or illness? Or perhaps you are a heavy coffee drinker,
Look up on YouTube Olympics 10 meter shooting techniques, pay close attention to how they move into the target reticle.
Some easy training without even needing to fire a shot there for can be practiced at home in the living room is to set up a target on the back wall, mount and zero a laser to your air gun,
Then simply practice dropping the laser down to the bullseye and float it don’t try to freeze up let it float into your bullseye and train to pause in the right time for your shot.
If you can’t stop your shakes learn to shape them into floating into the bull’s eye