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I was apprehensive about putting money down on a gun, but when Mike called me, he said that the shipment would take around 90 days with the new barrels, I figured that I could wait 3 months for the upgraded version. That was in the middle of September, so if he was waiting for a certain order amount, than it could have been the end of September before he ordered them, giving him the benefit of doubt the order should have been here by the end of December, then counting Christmas, and New Year the latest would have been Jan 15th. Thats when I  called him.

He then mentioned that he was waiting on the finish of the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Calendar New Year’s  2017 Date Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb. 1 Feb. 2

So with that being said, they should have been shipped at the very least by Feb 13th, putting the shipment in San Diego, Cal. by 2/20/17 with 2 days for container unloading, and another 2 days to reach them. Then another 10 days for Mrodair to receive, test, and ship, means the drop dead last day they should have been in our hands was 2/28/17.  
It is now 3/4/17 it has been 177 days, so much for 90 days!!