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The guy from SA (where they have had them longer) said the barrels were a bit of a gamble, not that they were all bad. 

Accuracy can be a bit It of a gamble with all air guns but it is especially true of entry level PCP guns as they don’t start with the best barrels to begin with.

I think the Kral guns would be a great option for people who want to use them as a starting point for a custom gun. People can get great results from a Marauder or an AT44 by sending them to a quality tuner, plus adding a reg and a decent barrel. No reason a Kral would be different in this respect.

The difference with the Kral products is that they look good where as most other $500 PCP guns are a bit of plain Jane. 

I don’t think people should expect a $500 to deliver 1/2″ groups at 50 yards without any work. If some people get lucky and get that then good for them. 

For some of the people here who already own $1500 or $2000 guns, buying a Kral probably doesn’t make sense unless it’s a project gun. I really like the silver one though.