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“KenSkylight”I was jesterday on the IWA (i live 150 Miles away :D ) and spoke to Fredrik

The ST is made by pressing the end of the barrel from the outside.
The STX is made bei pulling and pressing the barrel over the entire length also from the outside.
The STX is very simular to a poligon barrel.


Does that mean the new barrels are rifled over the whole length instead of just the last inch like the regular ST barrels? 

If it does mean that, I’d love to hear from FX what the thinking is behind the change. I know the LW polygon barrels are the latest fashion in certain circles but it would be great to see if FX’s testing found a meaningful advantage over traditional rifling and their ST design.  

I understand that the fine details of their research would be proprietary but some high level statements could only help sales (although it doesn’t sound like they’ll need the help given the positive reactions here).

Whether you are an FX fan or not, you have to appreciate what they do for the hobby in terms of driving innovation. I think of their approach as the “common sense model”. I.e. They listen to what customers actually want and design guns to give it to them. It’s much easier than convincing them that they want what you think they should have. 

While FX is being so generous… please release a version of the Wildcat with an HST adjuster and an action that accepts the higher capacity mags (and maybe a better factory shroud) without increasing the price too much. That would be close to my perfect air gun.