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LOL, aw yes the thumb! Your co-worker shared a big one. My thumb is always on every gun been straight in line with the bore… It’s a problem on some of the pistols I’ve had, but works great on long guns. It drives a lot of “helpful” people around me nuts, they tend to stop telling me to move my thumb once they start seeing my scores… On my RAW I keep a moderate forward pressure with my thumb. On my Thomas I keep a 45° downward pressure.

Barrel seasoning. Your pellets are leaving some lube behind every shot, that builds up to a critical point at which it really doesn’t build up any more. Some barrels are more sensitive to seasoning than others. E.g. my 22lr HATES to be cleaned! If I do anything other than a loose dry patch it takes 50+ rounds before it will perform again. The guy that did the barrel for me told me to clean it about every 2000-3000 rounds or just forget it, your choice, lol. My RAW takes 2-3 shots, my Thomas 10-12.

A lot of people rightly or wrongly feel that after a fill they need to fire dry or otherwise a shot or a few shots to “settle in the regulator”. On my RAW and Thomas my first shot after a fill is consistent with the following shots. I will sometimes dry fire after a wet cleaning, not sure it does any good or not, but the idea is blowing out anything after the cleaning.