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I think that the best approach is an electronic call, and my primary caller is a FoX Pro. Great sound fidelity and an extensive library of sounds, good volume and battery life. I also like the Primos Alpha dog, and some of the smaller electronics callers work well. but some not so much…I’d stay away from the really cheap models, but Primos does make a small, relatively inexpensive model. Make sure it works by remote so you can move the call away from you when you hunt, so the coyotes attention is not focused on you as the source of sound.

If you’re new to calling, distress calls are easiest, for yote vocalizations you have to know about the coyote and when a specific call will work. Jackrabbit and cottontail distress both work well, but in more pressured areas the dogs get acclimated to them. I  often start with a rodent squeak to start and end a session.

You can do all this with a mount call, it will just take time to get skilled with it, and I’ll use these either as a finesse call or when I want to move and travel light.  Good luck with the hunt!