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I remember seeing that app at one time, and I think I bookmarked it. Thanks for the reminder!

One of my coworkers was a Marine sniper, and he talked briefly about trigger hand thumb position in relation to harmonics. What I noticed today was the sensation of “more” vibration from the gun when shot. It felt like the barrel flexing? The front stock was fairly tight in the rest. I tried everything from loose, light, medium, and tight. However, I didn’t notice a difference in shooting. I did not try moving the stock fore and aft, but I will next time. The only issue with moving about is the picatinny rail, which makes it a bit of a challenge.

It’s funny that you mention starting at the bottom of a card and moving up as that’s exactly what I discovered while at the range today!

The owner of the dive shop I work at is going to let me shoot my gun into the pool on Monday. I plan on recovering the pellets for measuring purposes. I really feel my gun hasn’t liked the last two tins of JSB’s I’ve been using. Since new, the accuracy of the gun has gone down however, I haven’t been sizing and weighing either. I think it’s also time to get a chronograph.

More questions:

I’ve noticed that, after cleaning my barrel, the first 6-12 shots are high. After that, things seem to settle in. Any thoughts to as why this might be?

I’ve watched HT shooters dry-fire one shot before loading a pellet. I do this “just because they do it”, but don’t really know why?

You’ve been a tremendous help, Percula! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.