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It is known as baiting.  Just know the laws in your state.  Some states prohibit baiting any animal, some say game animals and then there is the private vs’s public land and hunting season vs non hunting season.

During my 20 years with the state police we assisted state game wardens enforce the environmental/hunting laws of the state.  Once or twice a year, normally during hunting season i worked with state game wardens.   Now we weren’t after squirrel hunters, but we were after any violators and people that baited and used spot lights at night to take deer or bear.  These violators were illegally baiting and or shooting at night, or from a public roadway etc.

I was in aviation so  i normally was responsible for aerial surveillance of the area but every so often, normally when the weather was too bad to fly,   i rode with the game wardens and several violators were arrested,  fined and their trucks and guns were confiscated and not returned.  With today’s technology, don’t be surprised if a a video is made that is presented in court.

Again, none of this was in an effort to prevent sportsman from taking game animals legally, only those who violated environmental and hunting laws, and shooting protected non game animals etc.

Believe me there are a lot of folks that break hunting laws, some pay the price.

So make sure you are aware of any laws that affect your hunting and shooting activities.