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Yours is the new version. Mine is the first version with the flat top cylinder head. Your head is also different from mine. I ordered  the newest head, but didn’t know about the different piston. So I ordered it. With the updates mine should run like yours. That is the only differences, so I was told. Some of the newest 2 cylinder pumps are coming with I think 6 groves and no rings. They are running a lapped piston. I do not know if that is what they will go to in the single cylinder models. Even with just 2 rings on the high pressure piston. If my top ring grove had not been cut to deep. I don’t think I would have had any problems with it.
I am very happy with mine. It will pump up my guns with no problems. When I get the new piston it will pump up my small tanks with no problem. For the price of a lower cost PCP, a person can have a compressor. To me it is a no brainer.
Keep us informed on how yours is doing.