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A good app for your phone for scoring “TargetScan” if you get the paid version, you can keep a history of your targets and keep ongoing stats. It’s a bit touchy about back lighting. What I do is tape my target to my PC monitor and open a blank NotePad window behind it, wham “light table”.

A for rest and use…

Tighten down the front bag on the stock. You don’t want it sliding side to side, you do want it to slide front and back. Many rifles will have a sweet spot to rest the fore end, that effects the harmonics the least. You’ll have to play with that.

My current rest is a crank and turn type, not a joy stick (yet… SEB NEO expected in a month or so). 

With my rest I find that keeping the natural POA is easiest, works best if I shot my card from bottom to top. In competition you have 20 minutes, which unless you are really slow is more than enough time. So after the “fire” command starting the clock I will move to the sighter on the left side bottom and fire, I might fiddle with sliding the rifle backwards and forwards, shake it a bit to settle the natural POA. Shot that sighter again. I might take 2-7 shots on sighters before moving to scoring bulls.

My left right adjustment is nice and smooth, easy to adjust. My elevation is a bit aggressive and I end up using the rear leg height screw as a fine adjustment. So I will move right to the first bull, then lower my POA to the space between the bottom of the box and the outer most ring, then crank the rear foot to my desired height, fire. Crank right, make any wind adjustments, fire… after the 5th bull I crank up to a couple of rings below center and use the rear leg screw again, fire, then crank left, fire till the 10th bull, then up. Zig zag up the card till all are shot.

I will pull off to the nearest side for sighters as needed. I tend to make small POA adjustments throughout the card. Variation in wind is the big driver. I pay attention to my last shot to educate myself for my next shot.