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Tks, I will have to look at the Diana 34.  There was for a very long time a lot of talk/speculation in the PB competition arena and custom gunsmiths about the advantages to a free floated barrel in comparison to a true embedded stock and barrel. Both cost about the same back then (as in the 70’s). I have had several of both that I used in long range competition shooting and hunting.  A true free floated barrel and not the “production cost saving versions” has absolutely no contact with anything other than the breech and that includes the normal screw up through the forend of stock into the barrel that a lot are claiming to be free floated.
Take a look at all the very serious competitive bench shooters and see what there shooting, I do believe most if not all the Biathalon shooters use free floaters. As “Peole” already mentioned in PB guns your also dealing with heat. But there is one more thing that does apply to airguns and that’s barrel harmonics. I am “not” an airgun expert, still learning about the barrel harmonics. One thing for sure I do prefer on my PB rifles is, for hunting, banging around climbing mountains etc  I use an embedded rifle. Less chance of knocking something out of alignment, be it scope or barrel.