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Joe,  I was thinking the last few frames in your video would have been of you chunking this stock in the garbage can.   It’s what I would have done.  BUT if you are serious of resurrecting it somehow here’s a couple ideas.

Some knife makers are doing handles out of wood and resin ( epoxy probably ) combos.

Here’s one I see a lot of with a pine cone core imbedded in resin:

I ‘think’ you don’t have to worry about moulding the plasticized pieces perfectly.  Probably you would create moulds with tape or perhaps many layers of tape along the charred areas that would result in over sized replacements for the missing wood areas and then carve/grind them down to correct dimensions and then polish them to desired specs.   To my mind you need to do something kinda wild and ‘weird’ and the suggestion above about painting the whole thing ( flames?  tiger stripes? ) might work.

But why?  Put the thing where it belongs.  In the trash.  %^)