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I managed to pull a second day at the range, but brought along some new gadgets. Unfortunately, it was almost all-for-not, because my scope and bubble level were all askew. Last night I decided to strip the gun down looking for loose bolts/screws, lubricating, and cleaning the barrel.

I turn my back for one minute, and in an instant, our two young cats decided it was time to play a game of “beat the crap out of each other”. As luck would have it, one of the rugrats smashed into my gun, knocking it off the bipod and right onto the Pelican case. Of course, only the scope hit the case. 

So, I spent most of my time at the range trying to level things out again.

As I said, I brought some new gadgets; the first being a bench that I cut out of plywood. All of the shooting tables in each lane are at slightly different heights, so I needed an adjustable leg for my add-on bench. I ended up procuring my wife’s hiking stick, which is height adjustable. It’s attached it to the bottom of my bench with a large fender washer and counter-sunk t-nut. The front of my bench is attached to the range bench with two c-clamps.

I also bought a front shooting rest and front bag. The bag was too small for my gun stock, so I had to send it back. Instead of a bag, I ended up using thick felt pads glued to blocks of wood, and then adhered the whole thing to the rest. As you can see, I got rid of the silly windage cable adjuster. For the rear bag I put rice in a really heavy duty Ziploc bag, and then put that into an old underwater photography bag.

I would appreciate any advice regarding using a shooting rest. How hard do you clamp the gun at the front? My springer gun is pretty sensitive to stock grip, but I’m not sure about a PCP? Do you lock everything down (micro height adjust/left/right, etc) before you take the shot?