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“chasdicapua”I’m getting the one from RAW. Yeah, it’s a bit much, but it looks solid. My RAW is pretty heavy with the laminate stock and I want to be sure the riser I have will really hold all that weight with out moving. I’ll post a picture once I’ve got it set up. 

That’s why I developed this one for myself as I was not going to spend $200+ on a knee riser. The sport has already cost me enough that I said NO for right now. The knee riser came in at a price point that’s a fraction of the other options available. There’s also the fact that I can learn what I do and don’t like and make new ones to fit my varying preferences.

The Impact, scope, and fully loaded magazine weigh in at a little over 10lbs and so far this looks like it can take that wait no problem. Once I get the infamous .177 barrel for the Impact then I’ll be able to say how to hold’s up in competition.