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“AEAC”Yeah, I feel ya Smaug.  I just struggle to see that value in spending time on a gun that’s not ready yet.  I don’t pass any permanent judgement but I’m not going to commit precious hours to reviewing something that hasn’t been properly developed yet.  Once it has, I’m all about it.  Until then, there’s WAY to much other product to spend my time on.  Remember, there’s only so many months in a year buddy and already, I’ve more great things to cover for you guys than there is available time. 

Lastly, I’ve made piece with the fact that I’ll never be everything to everyone.  AEAC is a volunteer army and if it’s not a good fit, there’s lots of other great choices out there.

Trying not to kiss your A**……..I agree with what you are doing Steve. 
I think that what you are doing is walking a fine line. We know that some gun companies (generally lower priced guns) will never compete with $1000+ guns. If you went out there and trashed those, you would be labeled a “pompous airgun snob”.  The review you just did on the Kral was done in a way that you are getting better than expected performance for the price. You will never get another airgun to review, if you go on and on calling it a pile of crap. You and Matt have been forward about not taking in crap and reviewing it. That is perfectly alright with me. Car magazines have to walk the line also. They would not survive without paid advertising. Matt and you are probably more forward about it than them. The only unbiased magazine is Consumer Reports. They only survive on hounding me for money every week in an email.

When certain airguns have continuing issues we hash that out in the forums. Nice how we are debating the gun now after your video is released. Air-gunning is a relatively small community. Every gun I buy is the first time I have ever seen it in person.

A few of you guys doing YouTube videos are what peaked my interest in airguns. That’s a good thing! I’m smart enough to get what is “good” and “bad”. I’m using you as a guide and entertainment. Always looking forward to the next review.
Just my .02 cents.

BTW What got you into airguns?