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“jimmymc2900” I got the new head for mine, When I installed it I found the problem I have had with mine all along. The top grove for the high pressure piston ring is undersize and that is why mine takes so long to pump up. I am going to order a new piston for it. That will make it run as it should. I think. 

From where are you buying this piston? And when you say it takes too long, how long are we talking? 

From here.

As for how long it takes to pump up. I can plug off the fill hose at the end, start the pump and it will fill the hose up to 3000 in just a few seconds. Then it comes to a stop and will take 3 to 4 minutes to fill it up to 4000psi. That is just the hose. If you look at the new small piston you will see it has 4 ring groves, mine has 2. Only one of them is doing anything. The top ring groove is cut to deep and the ring is not doing anything. What I think is happening, with only one ring it can seal enough to pump up to 3000 just fine but one ring will not seal well enough to pump on up.
I replace the top ring and it will pump up just fine for a couple times, then back to the very slow above 3000. When I take the head off the top ring is compressed below the outside surface of the piston. The bottom one is not. I have only changed the bottom ring to see if it made any difference. And it didn’t.